Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am sure everyone is getting old of seeing the same stuff (about my most recent tattoo) so I promise to get some new content on here soon!
I bent my arm a little bit so the snake head looks a bit smeared. At this point, I was already really excited my month+ wait was finally over. Look at that shit. That looks smart. Next level type stuff, I wouldn't expect you to understand. Motherfucking Jungle Book kinda shit going on here. Call me Nostradamus 'cause I knew this was going to turn out amazing. Since we were at a convention, There were already tons of haters watching, trying to send negative vibes my way. Gawking, staring, rubbing themselves in their pants cause my stencil was so fuckin hot. 

All this talk about how bad it's going to hurt... only part that actually hurt was the crease at my elbow and the top of my wrist. I had a case of food poisoning for the past day and a half, went out drinking the night before, and could only keep down a dozen packets of saltines. Breakfast of champions. 

fuck yeah, green. 

Oh damn, mother fucking orange and some red too? 

Thats smart. 

Boom. It's like Michaelangelo and Charlie Sheen tag teamed my arm cause that shit is some serious winning. 

Stay tuned for my upcoming right arm sleeve.  


  1. great tattoo man, I have no tats, but I've been considering getting one, this has inspired me to go for it!

  2. I am rather into gray scaled tattoos, but I wouldn't make one :P

  3. great tat man, looks awesome!

  4. very cool process! nice work man! following. you might like my moustache blog, check it out sometime! it's kinda manly like tattoos